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Protein Deficient Diet and you could suffer from Hair Loss

Body requires proteins though in small amounts. However, they are the most essential body nutrient responsible for smooth functioning of the body. We all have studied in lower standards that proteins are the building blocks of the body and they help in tissue formation and repair. They are also essential for healthy growth of hair and nails.

Proteins are not stored in the body so its regular intake is very necessary. Failing to do so, would result in protein deficiency. Hair loss is one of the health conditions, which could arise due to protein deficiency.

Hair thinning/hair loss and protein deficiency

You might be observing the hair care routine strictly, use minimum hair cosmetics but still suffering from hair loss. It could be due to protein deficiency. In addition, if you increase your protein intake, well the condition could be reversed. It is the most effective hair loss treatment. However, for vegetarians there is one constraint. There are very less vegetarian foods, which could be a source for protein. So, the one who are totally on vegetarian diet could experience more hair loss problem than their non-vegetarian counterparts could.

For the non- vegetarians there are various options like seafood, egg, fish, chicken, turkey etc. These are rich source of protein. The vegetarians could get their protein requirement from foods like legumes, soybean, cottage cheese, tofu and milk. However, if the problem is severe, one could also consider taking protein supplements. One should first consult the doctor. You would find protein bars, powders etc. in the form of supplements. Some other food sources, which can reverse protein deficiency, are Vitamins like B complex.

Doctor’s advice is very important

Doctor’s discretion is necessary when you decide to take the protein supplements. This is important that certain factors like age, health conditions could also be responsible for protein deficiency. The doctor after going through all the things would make a protein diet chart for you following which you could get rid of the hair loss problem.

Overdose could be dangerous and so the take only prescribed amount. It is highly commendable that you opt for making healthier changes in your diet and lifestyle than taking the support of protein supplements. Therefore, if you make it a routine to include at least one protein rich food item like beans on toast, grilled fish, boiled eggs, salmon spread in your daily diet, you would probably do not require any additional supplements to make for the lost protein.

In addition, not only protein, consume a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet to keep healthy and enjoy a disease free living.