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Psychological problems and Impotency- How to Treat?

Though the fact says that some physical factors like injuries, diabetes, blood pressure or abused to alcohol can have a huge impact on Erectile Dysfunction, but it is very true that some psychological aspects may also shutter your easy going sexual life.

Your thoughts, fears and feelings have a large effect when you perform on the bed.  As the body and mind works together to reach and sustain erection for the reason to have a satisfactory experience, what’s going on your head can affect the erections.  About 20% of most impotency cases may be attributed to emotional troubles or psychological problems with their sexual partner.

Below given are some Psychological aspects that influence your ability to maintain erections:-

  • Comfort level with partner
  • Anxiety, feeling of guilt, fear or low self esteem.
  • Expecting high about yourself
  • Feeling insufficient about your sexual partner’s potential
  • Stress about your sexual performance, ability to communicate with partner or issue that is not related to copulation.

Your emotional condition also plays a vital role on your ability to reach the desired erections. Men who are depressed may lack in experiencing erection. To cope this, they may use tobacco, drugs or consume alcohol which in turn contributes to impotency.

If you consider your psychological problems in treating impotency trouble in you, then consult your doctor of advice.  Emotional problems doesn’t mean that you are least interested in having copulation or don’t want to perform sexually, but here your emotional health is getting in the track what your body wants to accomplish.

If emotional health or psychological aspects are the complication, you general practitioner will suggest you some therapy options which may include sexual therapy, psychotherapy, medication, couples counseling your partner and you, therapies to control symptoms of depression. Attending the counseling of couples can help in improving the physical and emotions facts of your relationship.

Manage your stress, depression, anxiety by pursuing methods like regular exercise, relaxation technique and meditations. Also, speak up to your partner about your fear or any psychological problems that affects your sexual life.

Stress management. You can learn to manage stress, anxiety, and depression through methods like meditation, relaxation techniques, and regular exercise.

Try not to pressurize yourself about copulation, instead, talk to your partner if you feel that your relationship is not working in a plain trail. Working out peacefully and taking better treatments can help you out in regaining the lost sexual life.