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Psychological Problems Are Held Responsible For Impotency In Younger Men

Usually the age of 20’s and 30’s are meant to be the peak and excitement time in men’s sexual life. But, the hectic work schedule and modern lifestyle somewhere have been the reason of libido or Erectile Dysfunction in men. However there are certain psychological causes too that can strike sexual deficiency like a low sexual drive or Impotency problem in men.

What is Impotency or Erectile Dysfunction?

The term Impotency or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is not the same problem as early ejaculation.  Men with impulsive ejaculation are capable to attain an erection enough for taking in the pleasure of sexual intercourse, but because of the over stimulation of their penile organ, they ejaculate within two minutes of beginning the act with their partner. On the other hand, a man going through Impotency problem is unable to sustain and attain hard erection.

So as to get a harder erection, the penile organ must be stimulated by the signals of nerve signals that help the penile blood vessels to expand and ultimately supply blood to it.  if these blood vessels fails in compressing completely, a men might face Erectile Disorder.

Experts say that about 15 to 25 % of all men face Impotency troubles in their young age of 20’s and 30’s, and the significant cause has been psychological reason.

Psychological causes of impotency in younger men:-

Performance nervousness and anxiety about how to perform can lead Impotency in men. Beside this, overly fear of sexual failure can also be the reason for ED.

Unrecognized homosexuality.

Stress due to any problems related to studies, job, or financial stress can lead to mental pressure indirectly causing impotency.

If any of the family member is ill, or death of any family member or partner

Another physical condition can be gilt or low self-esteem of the previous sexual failure act may also cause ED problems.  At the same time, this can also result to other complexities which are not related to sexual problems.

However, it is extremely important to seek advice of an expert to regain your lovable sexual life.