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Red Alert: Diabetic Symptoms

Very well said by Guzman, Clinical Services at the Behavioral Diabetes Institute in San Diego that “Diabetes is like the full-time job you didn’t want and can’t quit” but what is this Diabetes all about??Due to exceeding level of sugar or glucose in the blood the production of insulin lowers which in turn causes diabetes. In this condition, the cells in the human body start building up bloodstreams. This blocks the sugar to go through the cell and thereby reduces the energy of the body.

Majorly, it is found that the level of sugar rises high when a person has diabetes. Apart from this, there are few symptoms that are noticed during the early stages of Diabetes. This includes:

  • If a person is suffering from diabetes, it is observed that they urinate more often. Not only this, they feel more thirsty and starving. This is because the body tries to relieve itself from the excess sugar which it pushes out through urine. This makes your body get exhausted thereby making you feel thirstier and hungrier as well.
  • Diabetes leads to itching sensations in feet and palms. This happens due to the small blood vessels that get damaged as the level of glucose rises. This can also lead to problems such as numbness, pain, or tickly hands or feet.
  • Blurry vision is the most common symptoms seen in the diabetic patient. The amount of sugar in the blood heaves the liquid out of the tissues from the entire body. It also affects the replica of your eyes which affects your vision.
  • Not only this, if a person has diabetes the injuries and the wounds take longer time to heal.
  • Most of the people tend to lose a lot of weight because their body tries to get energy from the fat in their body as the cells in the body cannot get energy from sugar.


Foods to be avoided:

  • Rice
  • Sweets and drinks
  • Oily and spicy foodstuffs