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Reduce the Dysmenorrheal (Menstrual Pain) with Healthy Diet!!

Dysmenorrheal is the common natural pain that occurs during the monthly cycle or menses. Most of the women fall prey to this severe pain which is severe during the ages of adolescent but tends to get reduced with the coming time. Dysmenorrhea causes more malingering from pain in the school and work days where about 45% of adult feminines have some or the other degree of menstrual pain i.e. Dysmenorrheal.

Usually, during the monthly period, it is often escorted by swings in frame of mind or mood, easily clashes with people, swelling in abdomen or chest, gaining of weight, edema in the body systemic, changes in hunger, ulcers in mouth, increase in acne, headaches and so on. There are some diets that will help you out in tacking with the problematic condition of the Dysmenorrheal.

  • Eat foods that include high fiber. This diet consists of lots of vegetables, brown rice, whole bread made from wheat, whole grains, oats and the foodstuffs that contains more fibers. This diet will help in promoting the level of estrogen in the body and will also increase the magnesium in flow of the blood.  This is effect your body menstrual cycle there by making your nerves calm and giving you relief from the pain.
  • Avoid going for the food that are too sweet like,  beverages, pastries, candy, chocolates or brown sugar as this adds discomfort and instability in the level of sugar level of blood causing more pain.
  • In between the meals, have some dried beans or cashew nuts, walnuts or the products which are rich in the vitamin D.
  • Do not eat the foods that are too hot or too cold as this affects the temperature of the body leading it to pain severely.
  • Instead of caffeinated beverages like teas and coffees that makes you unrest; you can have mint tea or tea made from barley.
  • For the sufficient amount of protein that are lost during the menstrual problem, you can consume meat, soy and other rich protein stuffs this will help in improving the resistance during the pain.