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Relationship between stress and immune system

What is immunity? It is the ability to fight with the virus and bacteria which invade our body. If a person’s immune system is strong then she/he is able to fight with these invaders easily. But, if she/he is having a weak immune, then they have a chance of falling sick very often. So, this means that we should have a good and strong immune system.

When we are stressed, this fighting capacity of ours decreases. We are aware that stress has a very bad effect on our body. It affects your mind, your diet and your health. But, to take you to surprise, it also affects your immune system. This indicates that if you are stressed, you have a greater chance of falling sick.

Now, you must be thinking how is it possible? Let us explain you how. When we are stressed, our body produces a hormone; corticosteroid, which directly affects the immune system which flows in our blood. This weakened immune system is not able to fight the foreign invaders resulting us to feel weak often.  When we are going through lot of stress, the immune system might come to a halt considering that there is nothing to fight. This could lead to the immune system failure making our body available for every possible disease.

Considering the kind of damage stress can cause to our body, it is important that we keep stress away from us. Being stress-less would surely keep our body fit and ready to fight with all the disease who would invade our body. You have to exercise regularly and have a proper diet so that the body is free from stress and your immune system gets stronger. Also, whenever you feel stressed, relax yourself with your hobby or meditation. Keeping your body and mind on right track would help you in maintaining a good health.

Stress is not a difficult thing which can’t be fought. It is important for one to keep themselves stress-free considering the kind of damage it can cause to our body and mind. One would surely not want to have cold and fever on every alternate day due to weak immune. So, keep yourself fit and avoid the stress as much as you can. By keeping stress away from your life, you can have a balanced life between professional and personal life. And when you have a balanced life, you become of the happiest person in the world.

We often think that stress has no effect on our immune system; but it is not true. Stress affects various parts of our body and of those is the ability to fight from disease. You might be able to relate this two now but when will you will go through this, you would be able to get a clear picture.