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Remedies for Tackling Joint Inflammation

Joints connect one bone to another. The joints are actually responsible for causing movement between the bones, thereby facilitating body movements. In fact, each movement of any part of the body e.g. limbs, neck & shoulders, toe, ankle, waist, backbone etc. are facilitated by joint functions through movements.

However, any pain or swelling of joints can be very uncomfortable and painful experience. Over-straining of joints can cause joint pains which gives rise to a no. of issues including arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, sprains etc. Paining in kneecaps and backbone are also a few of the most common joint inflammation issues.

Inflammation is the process of fighting of the white blood cells of the tissues against harmful organisms like viruses, bacteria, etc. that cause harm. However, in case of misdirected inflammation, the immune system of joints may trigger inflammatory situation when the body is free of germs. Under such circumstances, the immunity system undergoes self-fight, thereby damaging its own tissues. Bone, being the hardest tissue of the body runs even greater risk of brittleness that also affects the joint areas.

One most common type of inflammatory diseases is arthritis. Some of the most common types of arthritis include Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, Gouty arthritis, Osteoarthritis etc. Among these, the most common one is the Osteoarthritis. This causes severe pain in the bone joints that can almost cripple down a person. The most common symptoms notable in such a state include swollen joints that are highly touch sensitive and cause pain even by the slightest of touches, redness in the joint areas, joint pain and stiffness, brittleness, non-movement etc. Inflammation causes high degree of joint irritation due to the over-increase in the no. of inflammatory substances, which can wear down the bones and joints.

Joint inflammation can be diagnosed through x-ray, CT scan or a complete analysis of the patient history. Some of the most effective remedies to joint inflammation are:

  1. Water Therapy – Water is there in every parts of the body facilitating practically each functioning. Therefore, it truly has no substitutes. Water helps in movement of the essential nutrients of the body, frees the body of toxins that are deposited at the joint areas, thereby preventing the same from decaying, lubricates and nourishes the bone marrow and smoothens the joint areas etc.
  2. Proper diet – One must maintain proper and healthy eating habits. Foods that contain high level of saturated fats are to be avoided as they contribute to excess inflammation. Besides these, processed foods/grains, non-organic meats, shellfishes, alcohols, vegetables like tomato, potatoes and items like alcohols, coffee in excess quantity, soft drinks etc. are also to be avoided in order to stay away from arthritis like issues.

Therefore, joint inflammation can cause serious problems to health and can often contribute to crippling – partial or total, temporary or permanent. One must therefore be very careful in order to stay away from the same by any means that will fight the disease and lead to cure. Since the problem is more acute with older people, they should be particularly cautious regarding the same.