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Remember the Mantra – Eat Well to Live Well

We all have grown up hearing that “we are what we eat”. Your body reflects what you eat. If you have a diet full of all the necessary nutrients, you would be all glowing and lead a disease free life. There should be no place for junk foods in the diet. Junk food never provides you with energy and instead makes you feel lethargic and lead you to poor health. Therefore, there is a clear connection between the food we eat and our health.

What your body demands?

Food is required not just for the sake of filling up our stomach but our body needs certain nutrientsfor proper functioning. You might have heard stories of earlier sailors suffering from scurvy due to sailing for months without good food and nutrition.

Food is the fuel, which keeps our body going in a healthy way. For maintaining this, one needs to focus on including variety of foods in the body.

The food Pyramid released by U.S. Department of Agriculture talks about the body’s daily nutritional requirement. It is updated constantly as soon as any major breakthrough research proves the role of nutrient in body. Right nutrition helps in optimizing health and taking enough proteins and vitamins help lower disease risk.

Your Health and Your diet are interrelated

Many foods deeply affect the health. Researchers have proved it time and again that a healthy diet should comprise of fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, and low saturated fats. A diet, which is, however, rich in Trans fats and saturated fats with less or no fruits and vegetables can actually cause various diseases and health conditions.

Do not consider that if you have fortified your diet with proteins, you are done. Even small food deficiencies can dig a big hole in your health and you might suffer from lifelong conditions. Iron deficiency is reported to be the most common nutrient deficiency in United States. This is reported more in women and girls in their reproductive years. Every month they lose iron and blood due to menstruation. Even iron is required in sufficient quantities by children, infants and teens in their growing years. However, the quantity is different for different needs.

Another important nutrient in which most of the people are deficient is calcium. Our body requires it for strong bones and teeth. It deficiency could give you osteoporosis, characterized by brittle bones prone to fractures.

The mantra

Eat a diet full of all the necessary nutrients and yes do this daily and not for a few days. Our body will grow with what we eat. Therefore, it makes all sense to fortify it with proteins, vitamins and minerals.