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Right fats and you are on your way to a healthy heart

The earlier sayings were that if anyone wants to enjoy a healthy heart, he should cut fat from his diet. But now there are studies which show that certain fats are good in fact necessary to enjoy a healthy heart. These fats are called the unsaturated fats which increase the HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels in the body. These HDLs are actually the protector of our hearts. Our daily diet should have more of HDL and less or completely no LDLs.

What is actually the LDL and HDL and what is the difference between the two?

The LDL (Low density lipoprotein) is believed to put you at risk for cardiovascular disease. These LDL keeps on depositing in the arteries and form a thin layer called plaque. As a result of this layering, the arteries become narrow and hence there is a restriction to the blood flow through the heart which increases the chances of heart attack.

The HDL is simply the reverse of LDLs. They unclog any blockages and hence paving the way for smooth blood flow. The HDL cholesterol from the blood stream travels to the liver. There they are broken down and then they are flushed out of the system.

Say no to Trans fats and saturated fats

With so much emphasis on the good fats and the bad fats, you might have observed the wrappers of certain food products flashing messages of 0 trans fats or low on saturated fats. Both these fats go on increasing the LDL levels in the human body and hence putting it at higher risk for cardiovascular problems. Trans fats are a bigger culprit in the regard that they are usually found in food items which have no nutritional value. The only good part about the saturated fats is that they are found in meat and milk. So you at least get a supply of proteins, calcium and iron. But if you want that these products benefit you more you could well make a choice for low fat or no fat milk and dairy products.

What are the products which could boost your HDL levels?

Alcohol when taken in moderation works towards increasing the HDL level. But I repeat it should be in moderation only. Even dark chocolate is believed to increase the HDL levels but here also it should be consumed in moderation only.

Which products to stay away from?

Butter, margarine, peanut butter is all believed to increase the LDL cholesterol in the human body. Butter contains too much saturated fat and margarine is high in trans-fat. But if you have to have consume these butter and margarine, consume them in moderation. It is the quantity which is always in question. Do not believe in the saying, eat more and then exercise later. It would have alarming effect on your body.