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Running – Low Investment Workout

Running has many benefits and performing this exercise on regular basis will condition your heart and cardiovascular muscles. There are lots of myths associated with running; they are called myths because they are one, just look at the benefits and start running…

Healthy Heart: If you plan on strengthening your heart muscles put on your running shoes and start your workout today. Running not only improves your heart but it also strengthens your heart muscles, thus eliminating the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Osteoporosis:  This syndrome can be avoided as running strengthens your bones and they do not weaken easily.

Weight Loss: It has been noted that an average runner burns at least 1000 calories, so one can expect to get thinner with this exercise. It will also help you run faster.

Sleep: People who run everyday tend to enjoy a sound and good sleep as compared to people who do not. So insomnia is out the question
Mental Health: A regular running habit is known to reduce stress and elevate your mood. It also increases self confidence and helps you achieve your fitness goals. Running eliminates depression.

Stress: Stress can be avoided to a greater degree if you run every day; it helps one keep irritations at bay by keeping the stress levels low.

Happiness: Running and regular exercise helps to release a happy enzyme known as endorphins. A runner feels elation in mood after a run; he/she develop patience, humor and ambition by following this activity regularly.

Anxiety: People who do not run have higher levels of anxiety as compared to runners. The serotonin receptors in the brain help to regulate the mood of an individual

Improved Immune System: A runner seems to have a much stronger immune system as compared to the non runner. The basic illnesses such as cold and cough, allergies, menstrual discomfort, backache and various other disorders can be treated.

Fat Burn: Running is one exercise which doe not only help you lose weight but it also helps reduce the inches of your body as the runner burns more calories than a non runner.