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Save your life by kicking out heart diseases

Are you sensing pain in the chest? Is it the left side that’s bothering you and making you experience pain in a particular spot? What’s most important is to realize that you need to take a quick step to favorably intervene your diet and lifestyle in order to avoid any heart attacks in the future. Heart attacks can be life threatening and it is therefore important to detect the causes of the heart diseases in order to treat them well in time with the right dosage of the treatment selected, so as to make sure you’re not risking an attack on the organ of love, in future.

Watch that dollop of butter intake!

You will never realize that the extra fats from the dairy products which when consumed in excess can increase your bad cholesterol levels, thereby alerting your body to create problems related to the cardiovascular system. Obesity can be a demon when it comes to the enmity of your heart. Regular exercise, reduced caffeine intake as well as a low fat but good cholesterol diet, needs to be disciplined in our routines, to avoid the ugly sounding, yet even more ugly effects of arteriosclerosis, coronary heart diseases, cardiac arrests, congestive heart failures, bad heart rhythms, etc.

If you overshoot the daily requirements of alcohol which prevent the risks by 30 percent, then it can rather increase the heart diseases risk of the cardiovascular nature. Excessive alcohol consumption, consumption of tobacco via cigarette smoking, obesity, high bad cholesterol levels, excessive salt intake resulting in high blood pressure (hypertension), need to be watched and steps should to be taken in order to improve the health of the heart by reversing the unhealthy activities. Intake of ginger, fenugreek and octimum sanctum herbs are a complete spot on! None of us want to fall prey to cyanosis (skin turning blue color), swelling hands and feet, blockage of the arteries, breathing problems, palpitations, low oxygenation of blood, brain and body resulting in weakness and fatigue. Therefore, we need to be sure that we are maintaining the minimum standards of keeping our heart healthy and happy.

Have you seen the laughter sessions that take place in the public gardens, early in the morning? The old chaps get together, and decide on laughing away for they know if they smile, the heart will smile too! And yes, this is the secret of life smiling back at you as it keeps all ailments miles away from you.

According to the WHO, 63 percent of the total deaths worldwide take place due to cardiovascular diseases. So you know you have to nod, to not only a healthy lifestyle but also the various treatments that can naturally cure the ailments of the heart, namely – yoga and Ayurveda. Before you put hands down to a doctor, raise your hands up and practice the ancient yogic asanas, kriyas, nitis as well as pranayams to enjoy and relish the benefits of its beautiful postures that in turn power pact your life. Performing the yogic Siddhasana can make you ‘siddha’ as it helps to not only reduce the effects of high blood pressure but also help cure heart related demons that eventually results in a heart attack free system. Leading such a life which is free of the heart-risk stress, could be defined as nothing but a blessing! Ayurveda treatments such as rubbing of sandalwood paste or cinnamon oil or camphor on the chest; distilled water refrigerated in a copper container; intake of ground orange seeds in its juice help the treatment of arteriosclerosis as well as cayenne powder mixed with ghee, consumed after a heart attack can serve for various future preventive benefits.