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Secrets that will help to evade Sexual Illness

These infections caused by certain infectious germs are the stepping stone to STD or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis etc. are not contagious in nature but completely destroy the immunity of the concerned person which might be fatal at serious circumstances/latter stages.

The simplest way to avert the above issues is not to have sex, something which is unacceptable to 99% of the total population. Therefore we hereby discuss certain other measures which if adapted, can ensure avoidance of sexual illness:

  • Going for an adequate contraception – Proper contraception is a must if one is a regular practitioner of intercourse. Contraceptives like condom, pills, gloves etc. have to be worn before indulging into intercourse. This is particularly essential if one has got multiple sex partners. These contraceptives are not 100% protective against all STDs, but they will greatly reduce the risk.
  • Regular medical check-up – This is extremely vital – particularly when one does sex regularly. One must not only get himself/herself tested but also encourage the partner to do so. If one or both are at high risk of disease, check-up should happen even more frequently. And, if you are undergoing treatment for an STD, wait till you have completedthe treatment before resuming sexual activity. Otherwise both could end up just passing it back and forth.
  • Single sex partner – It must be ensured that one always goes for a single sex partner. Indulging with multiple partners increases the risk of STD manifold.
  • Understanding body capacity of both – It is important to ascertain the capacity of the body of both in order to determine the frequency of intercourse. Not all can withstand the same frequency. If necessary, one must talk to the partner about his/her comfort zone and know the sexual requirement.
  • Avoiding drinking or drug consumption – One must avoid consumption of alcohol or other drugs as they can completely divert the mind to somewhere else. Under the influence of alcohol or drugs one may lose focus from the concerned person and concentrate towards someone else whom he/she might have never considered during normal state of mind.
  • Not considering sex as an obligation or duty – If one is un-comfortable with having sex, at least for the time being, he/she should speak out. Intercourse is something to enjoy, not be an obligation. This would help both the persons to be at the comfort level – both the one un-willing to have it and the one willing, but not knowing the partner’s mood, rethinking about it  would prove to be unhealthy.

Thus, one can easily stay away from sexual illness, subject to  practicing the above mentioned preventive measures. This would not only ensure one’s own safety but also pave way for the safety of the partner. Also, one must go for proper educational tips regarding sexual diseases that would further help to adopt precautionary steps.