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Shampoo – an unnoticed danger for your health

health-effects-of-shampooDepending on the type of our hair, concerns and preferences we can choose from a range of shampoos available. We are advised to use it regularly to achieve desired results. On an average we shampoo hair at least 2-3 times a week, almost regularly. But do we ever look at the ingredients and the long term effects of exposing our scalp and hair to them?

We don’t actually spend much time to read the ingredients in shampoo. Some of the ingredients in the shampoo can be harmful for you. A reputed company tested and tried popular hair care brands and it revealed that most of the brands sell because of their brand name. The tests revealed that about 12 out of 22 ingredients in the shampoos that were tested were unsafe for regular human use.

More than 90% of ingredients that go into the manufacturing of hair care products as well as shampoos are considered unhealthy. In fact they are termed as restricted under FDA guidelines.

Here is a quick look at some unsafe ingredients commonly found in shampoos and hair products.

  • The Sodium lauryl Sulphate a commonly found ingredient in hair products, is a detergent bases wetting agent. Excessive or continuous use of it can cause dry skin, skin allergies, when it comes in contact with eye it can damage the cornea
  • Hair products commonly contain a sweet smell; this fragrance is because of parfum. It is a blend of synthetic substances made from different chemicals. These chemicals can cause skin irritations and allergies
  • Shampoos can be stored and used for about 6-18 months from the date of manufacturing. They contain preservative; a commonly found preservative is DMDH Hydration and Diazolidinyl urea. It is possible they one may have skin irritations and allergic reactions
  • Laureth 16, sodium Laureth sulphate, malic acid, Ammonia chloride are also detergent based wetting agents that are used as antioxidant in cosmetics. They can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions.  Continuous use of these chemicals can damage the protective outer layer of skin, and your skin can become sunlight sensitive
  • Hair products commonly contain Glycerine, it moisturises that hair and gives them a nice texture. Glycerine is also found in other cosmetics, skin care creams and lotions, lipsticks, deo-sprays etc. however it can cause allergic reactions and can harm your skin and eye etc

Organic Hair Products – A Safe Alternative

As most popular hair care brands tend to contain these above stated harmful chemicals, the Organic shampoos are hair products are recommended. There are range of natural shampoos and hair products, they are made with natural ingredients and are absolutely safe.

Organic shampoos are manufactured from herbs and extracts from plants etc. They are not synthetic or chemical based. So, it will not harm your hair or skin or cause scalp allergies or irritations. They cause minimal harm to you and to the environment. However, these shampoos can cost more, but they are definitely worth it as they are chemical and toxics free and safe for you.