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Silagra has Spared Men from Erotic Issues

These days the number of men hitting the tag of impotence has been on drastic increase and so are the effective medications for treating this embarrassing issue.  Once such prominent anti-impotent medicine for treating ED is Silagra. This pill has saved men from all the worries of being impotent.

Silagra is easily available across the online as well as nearby medical stores.  This medication has proved out to me a wonder invention in the field of medical science.  Until the discovery of Silagra, ED was a nightmare that shattered four out of ten men through generations. However, this pill has come up as a magical treat for every impotent man who went through infuriating complication in his sexual life and was on verge of extinction.

Silagra for treating Male impotency:

The chore chemical compound of Silagra is Sildenafil Citrate. When you gulp down this tablet 40 minutes prior indulging into the sexual act, the chemical ingredient present in this medicine will start reacting. Gradually, it blends into the blood stream and increases the blood flow in the body. the rush of blood then expands the muscles and arteries associated with the penile thereby enabling the blood supply to the organ. When penile receives the required amount of blood, it reacts on sexual stimulation and allows men to achieve harder erection, just the way he has ever though.

By consuming Silagra, men can have a passionate love making session for about five to six hours at a stretch. However, ensure that the erection does not stay for more than the estimated time, as in such case, immediate medical aid would be necessary.

Why you might be realizing the amazing results from this specific medication, it may show its negative effects too. Temporary issues like vomiting, redness of face, skin rashes, flushing, diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea etc. can be experienced. Hence, make sure that you are not administering more than one pill of 100 mg in a day, which is also said as its standard dosage. also, for the best outcomes, go for no-alcohol beverages or low calorie meals when you are under this medication.

As mentioned before, the standard dosage of Silagra is 100 mg, which also has approval from FDA and WHO. Besides this, the first time users can opt for minor dosages like 50 mg and 25 mg.  However, to be at a safer side, it is always better to consult doctor and ask for proper prescription that suits your current health conditions.

Silagra is not meant for men suffering from other health issues rather than impotency. it is strictly recommended that men under nitrate pills should not consume this pill, as this can put their health on risk.

Make certain that you go through all its precautionary measures and dosage process before initiating to treat impotency with Silagra and then you are sure to enjoy the most blissful moments with your loved one.