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Silagra Helps Men in Bringing Back their Confidence

Now with the increasing count of amazing generic anti-impotence pills, the graph of people suffering from ED or Impotency is going down.  This has happen because of the trust and reliability that these pills have kept in tackling the embarrassing problem like male impotence. Silagra is one such outstanding pill that has served many men in dealing with their loose erection problems. This pill has all possible superficial quality like its branded counterpart, Viagra.

The very first thing that you need to know about this pill is that is especially designed for the men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. It has to be taken only when a man gets sexually aroused. Being the generic version of brand Viagra, it comprises the similar active ingredient of named Sildenafil Citrate, which is also said to be its core active ingredient.

When this active ingredient present in the medication mixes up with the blood, it releases the chemical and removes the blockages caused by PDE5 enzyme. This enzyme is actually responsible for man’s inability in reaching the desired erection even after being sexually aroused.

However, the working composite present in this medication simply plays miracles in man’s life. By expanding the blood vessels and by allowing the easy blood flow to the organ, this medication wins the battle against the harmful enzyme. This process not only helps men in reaching the stronger erection and sustains it for longer time but also provides the couple the best intimacy hours.

Silagra comes under three typical dosages- 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. it has to be taken with water without smashing or crushing it. As the active chemical of this medication takes some time to react over sexual stimulation, one is advised to pop this pill an hour before planning for the lovemaking act. It is extremely important to look upon the fact that this pill works only when a person is aroused sexually for completing the act.

Besides this, there are certain cautionary measures associated with this medicine, which are as follows.

  • Never decide to take this pill without taking approval from your concerning doctor.
  • Silagra is not recommended for the men who are already under any nitrate medication or suffering from other health ailments.
  • This pill is designed only for the men above 18 and not for women and children.
  • One should not take more than a pill within 24 hours as it can have adverse effect on health. its common side effects include headache, weakness, vomiting, irritation in stomach, drowsiness, blurry vision which disappears once man get use to its dosages.
  • Buy this pill only if you are a ED sufferers as this pill is made only for the men who are going through loose erection or impotency troubles

So, if you want to regain the lost sexual urge and confidence, Silagra can really be a great pick!