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Simple easy ways for a Healthy and prolong Lifestyle

It is often said that extra bodyweight and no exercise lead to many big health problems and most of the seniors do face huge challenges in winning this battle. With aging, people incline to be more dormant and sluggish as there is no function of muscles and the body gets trapped. Looking back at the good old photos of your younger days may again inspire you to get in shape again. With proper intake of healthy and nutritious food, you can mould yourself into a 20 year old where burning calories is not a difficult task to be done.

Keep yourself hydrated:

All are aware that our body consists of 80 percent water which is very essential so as to keep out body hydrated all the time for proper functioning of the body organs. Drink a glass of water in the morning as it is the first thing to do when you get up which eventually refreshes your mind and balances your body during the night time. Drinking water before your meals fills your stomach where it will lead you to less intake of food. This will avoid you from over eating and allow you to eat food in moderate proportions.

Herbal Teas:

Herbal teas have a specific therapy to reduce your body weight and help your stay fit as far as your intake this. Nettle tea or lemon tea, which is nothing but small amount of lemon juice added to hot water, can do wonders for your health and make you feel fresh. Have it before you hit the bed or simply consume it in the morning when you leave for your regular jog. The other benefits of herbal teas are that it is free of caffeine and tastes good, boost energy levels, stimulate internal organs, relieves stress etc.

Healthy snacking:

Regular exercise: The top secret for a healthy living better life is by doing regular exercises which prevents diabetes, heart related problems and other health disorders. The major sorts of exercises that are recommended are cardio vascular like cycling, walking, swimming, stretching work outs for building muscle tissues and balance exercises. Yoga for no doubt is the best medicine to keep you healthy and for prolong life. This will eventually increase your muscle power and elasticity.

Water aerobics: Water aerobics adds a lot of fun and develops resistance power which creates sheer excitement and enjoyment in one’s life. The water actually helps in making bodily movements’ a lot easier that increases the metabolism and resistance muscle.