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Simple Fat Loss Secrets for Guaranteed Results


20 Secrets of fat loss revealed


  1. You need to get a plan your fat loss regimen in the right way and set realistic goals and targets.
  2. Know what and how much to eat.Yes, you need to determine the right food that will work positively for you.  Nutritionists, dieticians and weight loss expert can guide you with the right amount of calories you need to take during a day.
  3. You need to get adequate amount of rest, as it will keep you full for long and increase the metabolism rate. Experts suggest that you get 6-8 hours of sleep.
  4. Takesix small portions of meals a day and avoid unhealthy snacking. Of course, you can snack on a fruit or a glass of juice in between meals, but make sure you do not snack on unhealthy high calorie food.
  5. Each calorie counts. Before you consume something, just ask yourself “do I need this now” and you yourself will get an answer. Do not consume more than required.
  6. Motivate yourself and stick onto your goal. Remember success comes for those who never give up.
  7. Add incidental exercises. Take small breaks between work and go for a walk or do some bending or stretching exercises in your cabin. Take stairs instead of escalators
  8. Avoid carbonated drinks, beverages and packed juices, as they are high in calories. Moreover, they are not as nutritious as the fresh juice you prepare at home.
  9. Exercise more to lose more.When you work out metabolism improves. Therefore, the more you work out, the higher the amount of calories you will burn.
  10.  Add variety of workout.Following the same regimen everyday day can be boring. Go cycling one day, and jog the other day etc.
  11. Swap your meal.A fast and simple way to lose weight is replace food like pasta, burger or fried food, and rice with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  12. Fresh fruits and vegetables are lower in calories, but a lot more nutritious. Therefore, you can eat more without gaining weight.
  13. Dieting is challenging, both physically and mentally. Plan a cheat day to take a break from the restrictive diet plans. Yes, this is a way to appreciate and treat you for sticking on rigorously to your diet plan.
  14. Keep an account of what you have eaten all day long. Pen down each thing you have eaten all day truthfully. This way, you can keep a check on the amount of calories you have consumed.
  15. Stay in touch with an expert.He/she will be able to guide you and make required corrections in diet plan and regimen as and when required.
  16. Protein helps in maintaining lean body mass.When you eat protein, you feel fuller for longer and you tend to eat much less during the day.
  17. Drink more water to flush out the toxins and keep you hydrated.
  18. Try combination exercises.Try to do two to three exercises, in a chain, on count. This way, you can do a lot of workout in a short span. You will be able to concentrate more and achieve fat loss goals quickly.
  19. Get the required amount of fat. Yes, on an average our body requires 20- 30 % fat. Including nuts and avocados in your diet can help you overcome cravings and lose fat fast.
  20. You have gained weight gradually and you will lose the same way. Do not quit, challenge yourself each day for a successful weight loss journey.