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Simple Measures to prevent catching your child’s cold

Although you love your kids, but remember that, they are carrying infectious viruses that are contagious and you can get affected with it. Germs spread rapidly, but there are simple measures that can help you avoid catching your child’s cold.

Majority of the illnesses including cold spread and gets transferred from one person to the other through touch of eyes, ears and nose. You need to focus on maintaining hygiene especially when you child is infected with common cold and you will stay healthy despite of all the germs around.

• A simple and basic way to maintain hygiene is to wash hands. We all use hands when we cough as a shield. Wash your hands when you feed your child, or change their clothes or after you cuddle them or come in contact with them.

• Wash your hands with an antiseptic soap and encourage your child to do so too, you can also use antiseptic wipes or hand sanitizers that are easily available in stores. In this way, you and your child can keep hands germ free and avoid being infected.

• Make sure you and your family members do not share objects with the infected child’s. You can use disposable glasses, cups or other objects especially while your child is infected and discard them immediately to avoid spreading the virus.

• Try to keep your child’s room clean and sanitize his/ her room and toys, common area and objects he/she comes in contact with like, slabs, table tops. You can use disinfectant cleaners and spray.

• Cold transfers through saliva, so avoid sharing food. Children have a habit of not finishing everything served to them, with the aim of not wasting food mothers generally finish the food left by kids. When your child is unwell serve him/her smaller portions of food to avoid wastage.

• Eat nutritious food that is rich in nutrients, eat fresh and healthy and prefer nutritious food to be able to maintain a healthy immune system and avoid getting infected.

• You can be safe from getting infected from cold by flushing it out of your system, drinking a lot of fluids can help you. To be safe from infections, you can drink lots of fresh juices and herbal tea. It is wise to avoid alcohol, soda and other carbonated beverages as they can dehydrate you.

• Vitamin c and zinc is natural immunity booster available in your kitchen counter. Sip a glass of lime water with a teaspoon of honey, or add a few drops of lime in your black tea or herbal tea, you can also drink a cup of ginger tea. These can help you fight cold.

• When you child is unwell, getting the required amount of rest is sometimes not possible. Research suggest that when you sleep less every night for a week, your chances of catching common cold doubles, hence it is most important that you get 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to be safe from getting affected from cold.

Hope this information was useful!