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Since when did winter get depressing

Does the winter season seem to depress you, pull you down and make you feel low? Loads of individuals suffer from disposition changes varying from mild wintertime sadness to a serious bout of SAD (seasonal affective disorder ), most of it caused due to  reduction in the sunlight,  chill and the ever changing hormone levels.

 What can you do about it?

Discontinue pressing the snooze option on your mobile It is better if you stick to your regular sleep hours during the weekends and the week days. Oversleeping means fooling around with your sleep cycle and disrupting the normal sleep rhythm of the body. It is best to maintain some discipline and ensure that the body is getting the same amount of sleep all the time, without disruption. An interruption may take days for the body to recover from and come back to a normal, healthy state.

Stick to your eating hours- In some cases, we tend to eat at different timings. But the best thing to do is to eat at the same time, the most ideal time being 8 p.m. This will help you avoid getting depressed without any reason.

Spend some time in the sun: Less exposure to the sunlight can increase your winter depression as per psychiatrists. Some sunlight coupled with some good cardiovascular exercise can help you become far more fit and happy so that you stay away from all the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. If there is no sunlight for days, opt for a light therapy box that will help you get your normal dose of brightness and keep you happy. Bright surroundings can decrease your sadness and cheer you up. Light therapy box are available in all sizes and styles, and they have many features, so the range of choices device is essential.

Ensure you work out – A good workout can cheer you up by releasing endorphins though you have to ensure that you do not do this  just before you go to sleep as it may affect the quality of your sleep. But a good, healthy workout will ensure that you have deep sleep, making you relaxed and less worried.

Avoid alcohol – Though they seem to be the perfect thing to cheer you up, alcohol can get people extremely depressed and that too, for various reasons. Most of us tend to over drink as we believe that alcohol has a warming effect, a perfect drink on a cold winter night, but they can also depress the person greatly. Avoid alcohol altogether or have it in small amounts, once in a while.