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Six Weeks Secret towards Healthy Eating

You do not have to follow rigorous routines or keep away from eating your favorite food items to stay healthy, but instead you must adapt yourself to snacks and meals to incorporate food types that you lack. Enhancing your nutrition curbs the chances of developing depression, diabetes, cancer and heart diseases to a great extent. You also will witness improvements in your mood, energy levels and memory. Devise your meal plans in advance over the six weeks period and make sure that you stick to it.

  • Ensure that all the meals you consume include proteins. You may include a few ounces of seafood, lean beef or skinless poultry in your diet. On the other hand, consume a couple of egg whites. Note that protein offers the required amino acids to your body for development and growth of blood cells, bone, skin, nails, hair and tissues.
  • Include at least a single serving of frozen or fresh fruits, legumes or vegetables to every meal. Servings can include beans, cooked vegetables, salad, apricots and apples.
  • Munch on unsalted seeds or nuts as well as fresh fruits twice on a daily basis. Pick nuts having fewer calories for example, you may have almonds rather than Brazil nuts. Have some additional snacks in case you consumed the previous meal three hours prior to retiring to bed. Nuts will satiate your hunger pangs as well as will offer you with proteins, antioxidants to combat ageing, essential fats and fiber.
  • Slice out grain, soy and dairy items from your diet during the initial 3-4 weeks, as these foodstuffs can cause bloating, dry skin and reduced energy levels.
  • Include around 100 calories of soy or dairy foods in every meal after completing the third or fourth week. Here, you may include around 6 ounces of low fat containing milk or a couple or more ounces of bean curd.
  • Add in some potatoes preferably sweet potatoes as well as whole grain foods into your meals after completing the fifth week. You can slices of multi-grain bread, oatmeal, wheat pasta or brown rice. Avoid having these food items for a prolonged time if you feel bloated.
  • Eradicate processed foods such as chips and cookies from the diet, because processed foods contain elevated levels of carbs that may cause ageing and/or inflammation.
  • Drink around 10 ounces of water. You may have sparkling water and/or herbal iced or unsweetened green tea with your meal. Avoid sodas at any cost. Also, you may have a cup of black tea or coffee on a daily basis.
  • Intake supplements of vitamin D daily for helping your body in absorbing calcium. Intake a couple of grams of fish oil for skin improvement, reducing inflammation of skin and sun damage. Calcium pills will help you fortify your bones.

So now that you know the steps towards healthy eating, it’s time to initiate this six weeks diet plan towards healthy eating.