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Smoking and pregnancy: The side-effects on your baby

A mother has to take maximum care when she is carrying a life within her womb. She has to follow various rules and have to make sure that she provides her child with necessary minerals and things so that he is born healthy. In this caring process, mothers also have to make sure that she doesn’t smoke.

Smoking is dangerous to health. We all have known about it and are pretty much aware about the complication that might happen with active smoking. But when you are conceiving a baby, then you have to some extra care. This is because the little amount of tobacco consumption can create various complications in that period.

 Complications of smoking:

  1. Chances of miscarriage: It was found that a woman who smokes during pregnancy has a higher risk of miscarriage than the non-smoking women.
  2. Birth defects: If you are smoking during pregnancy then there are chances that your child will be born with birth defects like cleft lips.
  3. Premature delivery: There are chances of premature deliver in a woman who smokes as compared to non-smoking women.
  4. Low birth weight: You baby might born with the low birth weight than standard. This might again lead to various complications for the lifetime.
  5. Sudden infant death syndrome: It was observed that infants die a sudden death without any explanations. It was found that this happens as they are exposed to smoking before birth or after birth.
  6. Future obesity: Children who are exposed to smoking during their early months when they are inside their mother, they have greater chances of getting obese in the future when compared to those who were not exposed to smoking during the same period.
  7. Future smoking habit: When a mother smokes during pregnancy then there are possibilities that the kid would start smoking at a very early age than expected. This would again affect him in a long run.
  8. Altered organs: Kids of smoking mother are more likely to have defective body organs as compared to kids of non-smoking mothers.

When we have noted down the above complications that can arise due to smoking while pregnant, let’s look at the ways you can try to quit smoking.

Ways to quit smoking:

  1. Note the reason: When you have a reason with you it gets easy to quit smoking. So, note down the reason on why you want to quit smoking.
  2. Drink water: Drinking plenty of water is anyway advised but this can also help you to quit smoking.
  3. Keep your hands busy: It is advised to keep your hands busy by doing some needle work or pressing a ball. When your hands are busy you won’t feel the need to have a cigarette between your fingers.
  4. Chew something: You can always have a chewing gum or raw vegetables in your mouth. When you mouth is pre-occupied the need to smoke would reduce.
  5. Move gradually: It is advised to move gradually towards quitting smoking. Stopping it immediately can have adverse effect on your health and then on your baby.
  6. Seek help: You can always take help of your friend or partner whenever you feel like smoking.
  7. Throw them out: Select a day and throw away your cigarette packets and ask tray. This would make you feel relaxed.

Keeping all these things in mind you would be able to save your baby from the complications that can happen due to smoking during pregnancy. Make sure you follow them properly and keep visiting your doctor for further help. And lastly, keep yourself away from people, place and things that might encourage you to smoke. Take care of your baby.