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Social Interaction – An Aid to reduce Breast Cancer Symptoms

The author of the study Candyce H. Kroenke, ScD, MPH, team scientist with the Kaiser Permanente, Division of Research, said that this study give proof that social support facilitates physical symptoms and it also helps in conditions of physical outcomes.

Breast Cancer is cancer that grows form breast cells. Tumor mainly starts from inner coating of milk ducts or with the lobules that deliver them with milk.

Breast cancer records for 16% of all female cancers and also 22.9% of persistent cancers in women.

This was the only study of its kind to evaluate the cause of social interface among cancer patients, and the researchers were happy to recognize the profit of having friends and keep engaging in social communication with them.

And this was founded with the answer that breast cancer patients who were more into social conversation and relations in general, were the one who coped with their symptoms improved than the person who were alone and didn’t interact.

With the addition to this research they also notice that women assist around the house, they were also better with their symptoms.

On this Korenke said, that hundreds of studies were examining role of factors influencing cancer threat and obstacle, and added that this study is small but with growing number, focusing on good life past breast cancer diagnosis.

Researcher at the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in California had conducted researched with inclusive of 3,139 women; they were examined with breast cancer and were participated in this research.

They were asked about their public networks like number of friends they have, and what support they are getting from their family and friends or society they lived in. With this author could make out, that those people who had more friends and more contact with society were happy and were in better situation to fight with their deadly symptoms. As they would be happy enjoying with friends and leaving their decease far away, would help them besides consoling them and that would help improve physical symptoms of the virus.

Women with more social networks, or having more personal relationships were studied the excellence of life during their treatment. As the network increase the support and is more associated with recovered emotional well-being. As in the types of social interaction, positive interactions is preferable like having fun with the patient and always keep her in happy mood, they are connected with good quality of life.

And on contrary women who didn’t have social group or were with few friends, were reported with short quality of life.

Kroenke and his co-employee write that, the positive social communication was important relating to quality of life measured.  This facet was shown by availability of the person to have fun, relax and get off his mind aside for a while, and is possible that this interaction will forget her and keep her side for awhile of being a cancer, and that physiologic effect last on her mind for a longer period of time beyond real interaction.

And those women who were not been supported and which was busy doing jobs or providing food, were 2.75 % more probably to account a lower quality of life.

Now, as more women are treated and cured of breast cancer, we should also improve their quality of life subsequent its treatment would also improve.

The previous research is also published in Cancer Prevention Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, exposed that social behavior and environment play vital role in biology of disease, counting breast cancer, leading to a major differences in health effect.