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Some must Energy boosting foods

Some simple sources of instant energy like bananas, apples, eggs, pumpkin seeds, lentils and yogurts are sure to refresh and rejuvenate the body and buckle with you work and studies!


A tiring day at work or a strenuous physical work out can burn you out at times. Also a heavy hangover of the previous night revelry can play a spoilsport the next day. Low energy can be a real day spoiler for working professionals and students in particular. At such times, a quick fix of energy is essential to pull you up and get back to serious business and studies. A healthy breakfast is the key to a refreshing and energetic day. But some other simple instant energy foods are also a blessing for the remaining part of the day. These simple energy boosting foods can help you regain your lost or sagging energy levels and start afresh. Let us have a look at these energy boosting foods:


Bananas are an instant source of energy as they contain the three best and simple sugars like glucose, fructose and sucrose. These sugars are also easily absorbed into our blood stream due to the presence of fibre in bananas. The potassium content in bananas helps keep the blood pressure in check and is a blessing for the hypertensive patients.


Eggs are an excellent source of proteins, which facilitate the wear and tear of the body. It also contains Vitamin D, which provides strength to the bones and teeth. The B Vitamins present in eggs convert food into energy thus providing the body its share of energy from the diet. The high carbohydrates present in eggs can be countered by leaving out the egg yolk and consuming the egg white.


Apples contain Vitamin A, which is good for the eyes, and skin and mineral called boron which helps keep the brain alert. Apples are known as instant energy sources as they contain natural sugars, which are metabolised instantly and used by the body for that extra bit of energy.

Pumpkin seeds:

An unusual source of instant energy, but a highly potent source for sure! Pumpkin seeds are powerhouses which contain proteins, fibre and healthy fats along with other minerals like manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. All these put together give our body that instant bout of energy required during those sluggish parts of the days.


Lentils when served with whole grains provide the body with the complete set of all nine essential amino acids. Also lentils are legumes that are packed with soluble fibre which stabilize your blood sugar through the slow and steady source of energy. In association with the present folate and magnesium, legumes protect the heart from cardiovascular events. Also, the iron present in lentils is an important part of the diet of pregnant or lactating mothers. Thus, lentils are a well rounded source of essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients and supply he necessary instant energy to the body.


A cup of yogurt is packed with more protein, calcium and vitamin D that a glass of milk. Greek and organic yogurts have fewer artificial flavours and sweeteners added to them and are a healthier and better source of instant energy than regular yogurts.

Sometimes, in an event of low energy, a warm cup of coffee and tea are also enough to provide instant energy. Buthaving any one of these foods around is surely a better and healthier option to consider!