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Stay at Home and Lose Weight

Most people dream of giving a healthy body with shapely arms and legs and perfect abs. There are many who spend lots of money in the slimming teas, powdered products and expensive gymnasiums, hoping that it would reduce your size but the only thing that reduces is the bank balance. It is high time you seek out other availed options to decrease your body size. A determined mind set and focused vision to get whatever it takes to loose your body weight must be backed by a sound preparation. What really matters is to keep a complete balance between your daily activities and food intake.

Crash diets, skipping meals, opting for quick weight loss are all the varied things that one does to go for quick weight loss. It does help one for weight loss but not in the long run. Initially one might have quickly shed few pounds but as soon as the intake of the slimming products is stopped the extra calories just bump into the person’s mid section which would make him or her appear very huge!

Begin from home

  • A non vegetarian must opt for chicken and that too in small portions.
  • Soda drinks with huge quantity of sugar is certainly a big “NO”.
  • Breakfasts are important in your daily life and make it a point not to avoid it.
  • Fresh fruit juices and raw vegetables make one feel full.
  • In case your job wants you to travel too much then keep with your self a bag of nutsĀ  like ground nuts or almonds.
  • Also keep some cheap fruits like bananas, apples and a big bottle full of water handy.

Now if you take into consideration what must be done with regards to easy home remedies then opt for green tea which is natural as well as rich in flavanoids and vitamins. This aids for healthy weight loss and away from caffeine drinks. Cakes, pastas, white breads, biscuits are all the sources of excess carbohydrates and by keeping yourself away from them, you can stop accumulation of unwanted fl abs of fat.

Never try to eat a lot of food but opt to eat food in small portions to increase frequency levels. A cup of popcorn, yogurt or skimmed milk are all healthy home made drinks and snacks which is low in calorie but high in fibre. Fibre rich food products can be prepared in home and eaten and the oats, cereals, fresh fruits and fruit juices as all these can be categorised under the fibre products needed for a body.

Pyruvate present in red wine is proven to decrease fat and this red wine when taken along with the dinner increase the metabolism of the body.

Soups and especially those with no added preservatives allow one to quench the thirst and hunger pangs in the mid evening part of the night. It can be easily prepared by mashing few tomatoes by adding few drops of lime, pinch of salt and pepper .A little of garlic pods and corn flour mixture can be finally mixed to give the soup a new flavour. Any vegetable present in the home can be added and made into healthy, tasty soups.


The final thing which one must remember is the exercise. Now by the term exercise, it does not imply lifting jumbo weights or running many miles in an hour but choose to do some jogging, running and brisk walking for at least 30 minutes every day in morning sessions. Another power tool for weight loss is yoga. Yoga and holistic approaches have proven to make many resolve a fit and easy way to loose weight. Teaching your inner mind to control itself can aid one to have good health benefits.