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Stay away from Periodontitis to live a healthy life

What is Periodontitis all about??

“Periodontal” is generally the next or second stage of gum disease which occurs after Gingivitis.  Their germs produce highly dangerous toxins which rouses chronic provocative response that destroys the bone that supports your teeth. There’s no age perimeter as even kids and adults are affected by Periodontitis. At this stage a harmful bacterium named anaerobic go through the gums loosening the deeper tissues of the mouth. Further, it effects the teeth and at the end resulting a tooth loss. The tissue destroys because of the waste produced by bacteria that feeds upon the remains of sugar and food particles in your mouth. Hence it is very necessary to keep your mouth and teeth as well clean by brushing it twice and rinsing it every now and then.  It left untreated it may lead to more sever conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and respiratory disease.

At the early stages of “Periodontal” includes bleeding, swollen, darker streak. If not treated before time it worsens which leads to more hazardous infections. This includes bad taste and bad breath, pain, loose teeth, gap developing between teeth, tender and red gums, pus i.e. pyorrhea between gum line and teeth, moving back of gums which makes the teeth appear longer.

How does Periodontitis cause??

Periodontitis is caused by the dangerous germs that reside in your mouth which starts over growing and forms white sticky substances called as plaque.  The accumulation of these bacteria underneath the gums causes the tissue to separate from teeth.  Their acidic waste weakens the gums and ends up to the point where at last the teeth fall.  Rather than this chewing tobacco, smoking, genetics, puberty, pregnancy, anxiety, poor nutrition may even be the cause of Periodontitis.

How can one prevent their teeth from Periodontitis??

Rinse and swish your mouth every time when you eat something. Avoid using tobacco. Use soft and small headed tooth brush and brush it properly till the gum line.