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Stay away from Ringworm Allergy with these Tips

Actually, it is not any kind of worm but is caused due to fungal infection because of exposure to dirt and unhygienic environment, contact with persons or furry animals, containing the fungus etc. It causes ring like infection across the skin. It usually forms red streaks that increase in size slowly, becoming clear and itchy at the center further taking the shape of rings. This infection can spread through direct contact with an infected person or animal or through floors, that serve as the brooding place for the fungus and in some cases, through soil.

Ringworm can occur on various parts of the body including scalps, face, hands, underarms, foot, toe and nails. You can treat this condition by following a few basic measures. Read below to find out the ways to avert the occurrence of ringworm.

  • Keep your surroundings clean: One must keep his/her house clean and tidy. Places like washroom, kitchens, bedrooms, drawing rooms etc. have to be cleaned regularly and disinfected to prevent the growth of fungus causing ringworm allergy.
  • Educate yourself as well as others: One must have proper knowledge about the growth of fungus causing ringworm. You should know about the possible inhibitors and preventive/curative measures for treating ringworm allergy. Take special care of the children, as they are more prone to this condition.
  • Avoid storing foods in damp places: Food must never be stored in damp and hot places, as these places provide suitable climate for fungal growth. Thus, always store food items in cool and dry places.
  • Avoid coming in contact with inflicted animals: Furry animals especially pets such as dogs, cats etc. have high chances of accumulating the fungus. The fungus forms in their furs and coming into direct contact with them may lead to transfer of the fungus to your body. This can lead to spreading of the infection causing ringworm. Thus, ensure that you give daily baths to your pets with a proper disinfectant.
  • Avoid sharing your personal items: Avoid sharing your personal items such as toothbrush, shaving razors, hair combs, towels, undergarments etc. with other people. This is because sharing of these items can lead to spreading of fungus from one person to other.
  • Change your clothes daily: Make a habit of changing your clothes regularly in fact, it is excellent to change your clothes daily. Exposure to outdoor dust and impurities may cause germs to accumulate in the body as well as the clothes. Thus, wearing same clothes repeatedly the next day would cause the fungus to spread in your body. This is particularly prominent in hot and humid places.

You may avert the onset of ringworm allergy and other fungal infections by maintaining a clean and healthy environment characterized by neat and clean house and regular washing of body, cleaning of hands before each meal and changing clothes to avert the formation ringworm causing fungus.

Following the above-mentioned measures will certainly help you keep away from ringworm and lead an allergy free life.