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Stay Thin…Forever

Majority of people can shed an instant 5 or 10 pounds before any special occasion. But tips on how to get rid of the body weight forever is still a mystery for most of us. We may lose weight now and stay thin in the near future…but what about the rest of the life?

Not everyone is lucky enough to have thin genes and  be thin for the rest of their life. However, there are certain fundamental tactics that can help people stay thin for life. These ‘stay thin’ secrets are actually simple and easy to follow. Most of us want to stay thin and in shape forever. But to do that, one has to fine- tune their habits and do things get their metabolism soaring.

Getting older and a decreased metabolic rate begins when the person crosses the age of  30 or 50. One has to understand that you’re always changing and the weight loss regime that had worked ones may not work this time around. As you age, your weight loss secret has to evolve and get better with time.

Begin with these simple tricks to have your weight in control:

  • Make sure there are left overs: The older you get, the  quicker your particular metabolism level drops, the rate can be 1% to 2 % every 12 months after crossing the age of 30. Avoid having 3 full course meals every day. Metabolism slows down, especially that of digestion of fiber, therefore lightening the burden on your tummy is important. Have food that is easy to digest and include a lot of liquid dieting as it can make individuals less prone to starving and then wolfing down excess calories to overcome the hunger.
  • Count the number of calories from liquid food: A glass of wine with every meal contains about one hundred and fifty calories. That could soon add upto 15 pounds of  unwanted fat each year. More you have, more the calories.
  • Keep a lookout on the preparation – Most individuals cook dinner less at home and choose to eat out more often. However, when you’re probably not controlling the meal set up, extra unhealthy calories creep into your diet and make you fat.
  • Get up and keep moving every 60 minutes– Latest studies have discovered that heavy individuals sit for  9 hrs each day, in comparison to trim guys, who sit for only 7 hours every day. Keep moving to stay active.