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Steps and Precautions to Prevent Jet Lag

Jet lag is often a symptom in which an individual’s otherwise usual rest cycle is actually disrupted through traveling throughout time zones.

Try to Prevent Jet Lag

Some steps might help avoid or decrease the severity of the jet lag; included in this are: adjusting your body’s internal time clock beforehand. For example, people can begin adjusting their own daily agendas to match time zone they’ll travel to prior to travel happens. People may set their own watches to the new place a day prior to travel, and start eating, resting, and working as though they were currently there, consuming light meals as well as drinking lots of fluids. Prior to the flight, the high- protein, low- calorie food is suggested. The quantity of high sodium and fats eaten ought to be limited. The dried out air throughout the flight may cause dehydration, therefore people are recommended to drink lots of non-alcoholic fluids. Drinking water is best, and lots of experienced vacationers bring their bottled water with them.

Waking up regularly and strolling up and down the actual aisles from the plane might help, that could be the only real exercise feasible. Sitting in the cramped plane seat to have an extended period is unpleasant for everyone. Throughout a stopover, people might want to take a couple of minutes and leave the airplane to choose a quick walk round the terminal, if at all possible, get sufficient sleep. Individuals may want to attempt sleeping on plane or even plan to get to their locations in time to sleep. Mild sedative drugs or melatonin might help some individuals obtain sleep when traveling. The hypnotic medication goodies one sign by providing rest, but it doesn’t shift the actual circadian body time clock.

There aren’t any treatments for jet lag. Time can make jet lag vanish. When several time zones tend to be crossed, for example in traveling abroad, many people may want to make use of a mild tranquilizer, sleeping tablet, or melatonin and get sufficient sleep.