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Straighten your Hair with Simple Home Remedies

Straight hair is now a trend for every buddy in town, they like to flaunt their hair straight with creative touch, for this creation they apply, god-knows many things on their skull, but end of the day they have to visit some hair specialist to worsen that situation. Hair stylist will use numbers of hard chemicals, gel, and cream for a temporary solution. They also use technical instruments such as hair dryer, heated straightening irons and more. That would not sustain for a long time, eventually damaging your hair badly and adding more worries and damaging your hair forever. Leading ahead of that he has to carry the trouble of massive maintenance schedule and expenses. So to take your trouble off and your expense low, we will give your natural straightening home remedies. That will be harmless and even preferable for the health of your hair.

Hair Straightening Remedies from Nature

As people get educated about the harm product flowing in the commercial market, people have become more sensitive towards nature. They prefer to use natural products without side effect, and would probably avoid the product which devastates our body. So there have been seen the increased number of people who have started using home remedies for their body. Even if the effect is bit slow but are damage-free and cost-effective. So given below are some of the most popular home remedies use for straitening your hair.

Rich Coconut Milk

Coconut is been used for hair since long for various purposes, it was use for conditioning hair which gives effective result. For better hair you will have to apply coconut milk on your hair regularly, preferably when you go for your regular bath. This milk contains rich natural nutrients that increment the expansion of straight hair. That will give you natural hair. Apply the fluid to your hair and abscond it on for some time.  Soak your hair with water as conditioners would end into washing your hairs nutrients.

Cast Castor Oil

This is again one of the powerful and effective home remedies, which helps effectively for the health of you healthy hair and to straighten it. This oil has to be applied and keep it as it is for a while and then dry it. You can apply castor oil after you bath and then dry it with the help of using a hair dryer.

Blend Coconut Milk with Lemon Juice

This amalgamation would also work better, lemon juice; after it is shared with coconut milk would also work as an effective and efficient home remedy. Discharge about 8 oz in a mug and merge to it the juice from a newly squeezed lemon. Blend the mixture slowly for couple of minute and apply it to your hair.  Then go away for an hour’s time and then clean as normal day.  Survey on this suggest that if you apply this technique thrice a week than it would how definite result within a few weeks.

Cocktail of three: Strawberry, Honey and Milk

With this home remedies you would have to fill small cup of milk and then add 5 to 6 drops of good honey. Squash few strawberries and organize a mixture using these ingredients. Apply this paste to your hair and be careful this past should reach each strand. Now, cover your hair and keep this paste to dry for a couple of hours. And then last clean it using mild shampoo.

If you do this for a regular period of time, surely you can get the hair you wish without and trouble. Fellow these step couple of days in a week for a better results and remain away from the hazardous product and steps. Getting straight hair is so simple from natural home remedies that are also affordable and the safest way on the earth. Even all ingredients required above are available easily at any local stores, and it’s for sure the safest way and applying on your hair would be entirely damage-free.