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Stress can be managed by the following healthy tips

Stress is an integral part of our lives today. Family and personal lives have always been and will always continue to be ever demanding, career goals will always seem unattainable, financial security will always seem like a far- fetched plan, societal pressure to outshine your peers and colleagues will ways be insurmountable. All these reasons and many more will always be a cause of stress.

It is extremely important to realise that all these situations and the stress they create are problems to which solutions exist. The basic realisation that you are in control of the situation will lead you to a more solution- oriented approach and you will automatically learn to handle stress better. Apart from this realisation of being in control, there are simple and healthy measures that one can take to manage stress better.

Let us have a look at these healthy tips to manage stress:

Change in your mindset:

You might be stressed about a lot of things like evening traffic, religious news, going to the supermarket to shop, playing the good host and many more. You need to realise that each of these stressors have a befitting solution which is well within your reach. Taking a longer yet less travelled route home, switching odd the TV, doing the grocery shopping online and preparing the menu well in advance could be the effective changes that you can apply to each of the situations respectively. Hence, it is important to accept, adjust, alter or avoid the stressors. Thus, you can make a positive change in your mindset about the stressful situations and your reaction to these stressful situations.

Exercise regularly:

Stress can also build up over a period of time because of the pent up free radicals in your blood. These free radicals not only lead to organ damage in the long run, but also exacerbate the symptoms by building up stress within the body in the blood. Regular exercise can help the body burn the excess bad cholesterol and fat thereby reducing the effect of the free radicals. A proper exercise schedule of 30 minutes either daily or at least 3 times a week, helps release the toxins accumulated in the body which are also responsible for the pent up stress.

Consume healthy foods:

A healthy diet is a solution to most of the health and stress related problems. A healthy diet comprises of proper proportions of fibres, proteins, vitamins and minerals along with controlled amounts of fats and carbohydrates. A balance diet leads to well nourished body which can easily beat stress. Also, the frequency and amount of food intake is necessary to monitor. A healthy breakfast followed by light lunch and a lighter dinner helps the body retain energy and build stamina.

Reduce caffeine and sugar:

Caffeine and sugar momentarily increase the energy and stamina of a person. As their effect wears off, the dullness and weariness returns and the person feels stressed out. Hence it is important to have small doses of these substances and reduce their intake gradually to help get better sleep and increases relaxation.

Avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol:

Nicotine replaces the oxygen in the blood and leads to addiction. Similarly, drugs and alcohol lead to addiction and ultimately reduce the body’s tolerance to stress and tension. This leads to more stress build-up and dependency. It is important to avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes in order to have a perfect balance between body and mind and keep oneself alert and aware.

Get enough sleep:

Sleep helps the body restore the lost energy, renew and replenish it and build the necessary stamina in the body. A tired body is always prone to stress and its symptoms. This leads to further problems like lack of concentration, sleepiness, somatic symptoms like pains, falls and inadequate intake of food. All these problems can be avoided of the body is rested enough through 7 hours of daily sleep.

Your physical strength if boosted, leads to better tolerance and management of stress!