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Stress could affect men’s health adversely

The stress and the tension levels are increasing day by day in everybody’s life. Men are at the risk for developing heart disease, back pain, headaches, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, migraine etc. also the entire immune system starts to weaken.

If men are experiencing higher stress levels they would also experience symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, depression, insomnia. Adding to the fuel is the nasty habits like smoking, consuming too much alcohol, overeating, drug abuse which one could get due to higher stress levels.

What are the various ways to reduce the stress levels?

  • Exercising regularly: one could burn off the pent-up energy by exercising regularly. And we all know exercising even if one is not suffering from any disease is good only.
  • Do not compromise with your sleep: get 6 to 8 hours of sleep come what may. This would help you get relieved of your stress level and you would get up refreshed the next day
  • Consume a balanced and nutritious diet: make sure your diet includes all the minerals, vitamins, proteins which are required by the body for growth and development. If you have any confusion do not hesitate from consulting a dietician or a nutritionist.
  • Meditate: one could practice yoga, do meditation, or even practice tai chi. Even spending time in solace would help you relieve from the stress. In fact they are the best stress busters.
  • Deep breathing exercises: it is believed that performing breathing exercises for 10 minutes daily would help decrease the stress. Actually when you breathe out it is said that the tensions also come out of the body. It also works towards filling you with positive energy and gives you the power to handle difficult and stressful situations.
  • Spend time with friends and family: friends and family understand us better. So whenever you think that you are stressed make sure that you spend time with them. Talk to them about your problems. Do not think that if you would share your worries with them they would be worried too. Instead not sharing would give them the tension.
  • Look for a solution to your problem: only stressing yourself and not doing anything for solving the problem is not good. Stress would only make your mind blank. So whenever you are worried about something instead of taking tension take a deep breath or spend some quiet time. This would help you in getting the solution.
  • Think positively: change your way of thinking. Look at the brighter side of the things. Negative situations are not only for you. There will be an end to it.
  • Accept that certain situations cannot be changed: there will be certain things which are written in the destiny. You cannot bring back a dead person. So live with his beautiful memories. If you suffer from sinus during the rainy season, getting stressed would only worsen your symptoms.