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Stretch Marks Elimination Tips

Dermis is the layer of the skin where the stretch marks appear. The function of this skin layer is that it stretches and can retain it shape, it’s like elastic; but in case if this dermis is stretched again and again it can lead to stretch marks. These stretch marks can be seen on the thighs, upper forearms, abdomens and breasts.

Some products which claim to prevent or offer riddance from stretch marks are actually deceiving you and all their claims are falls. To reduce the visibility of stretch marks is one thing but to eliminate them completely is different and even reducing their appearance is also very tough. There are some areas where stretch marls can easily be spotted and they are abdomen, thighs and hips. The side of breasts and the upper arms are also the body parts where stretch marks can be seen.

This article will cover some tips to help you eliminate stretch marks and this can be done with ease.

Rapid weight loss or weigh gain:  This is the most common tip and it makes absolute sense that the skin is not able to cope with injury and adjust itself to the newly found body. Skin is not able to recover suddenly with rapid weight loss or weight gain. There are some restrictions which need to be applied. In case of sudden weight loss or weight gain the rapid stretching of skin may leave some scars.

Moisturizers: Application of moisturizers will help you regain your normal skin back on regular basis. It is important to use moisturizers that are the best in the industry.  The injured skin can also be cured through natural herbs and skin care program.

Surgery: This is one of the best known treatment offered that can actually guarantee the removal of stretch marks and this can be achieved without any scars.

Tanning: Tanning your skin can actually lessen the visibility of stretch marks.

Diet and Nutrition: Essential vitamins like vitamin A, C and D help in treating stretch marks.