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Study finds that Memory can Decline at 45

As per to the new study the memory can decline as early at the age of 45, the memory’s ability to reasoning, comprehension can begin to slip away at early age. This si a new research that contradicts the earlier findings that the memory cannot decline before the age of 60…Let’s take a look at this exclusive research and find out the what the researchers have to conclude…

The Experts in the INSERM’s center fro research in Epidemiology & Population Health find out that the age at which the memory starts declining for healthy individuals is 45 to 49 years which was earlier considered to be not before 60. The cognitive functional ability is a the ability of the memory to help individuals with reasoning and comprehension. As per to the researchers this research can be put in the context of the cognitive functionality and dementia.

This research thus helps individuals to understand the causes and risk of dementia at an early age, and understanding the cognitive functionality will provide a better understanding for the individuals who stand at the risk suffering from dementia.

A vast research was conducted on 5000 men and some 2000 women and a data was collected based on the analysis and tests conducted on the individuals. This study actually has early roots which are related to the first British study which was conducted on some 70 British civil servants. The cognitive functionality test is assessed on memory, vocabulary, visual and hearing and it has been conducted for 3 times since 97.

The dropped noticed on the older participants as faster as compared to the younger counterparts. The ability to reasoning, vocabulary dropped immensely. For men aged between 45 to 49 their cognitive ability dropped to about 4%while the older men’s skills dropped to 10%.

For women aged between 45 to 49 years, their ability dropped to 5 percent as compared to the older women who experienced a 7% drop as analyzed by the researchers.

Researchers believe that greater awareness of this has to be created among men and women and believe to keep the head healthy its better to lead a healthy lifestyle as to what’s good for the heart is good for the head as well.