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Study: Working at Night time may Enhances Breast Cancer in Women!

The level of breast cancers women is increasing day by day and the medicinal group are still purging for the right measures to tackle with the problems of breast cancer in women.  In the recent report made by the researchers, it was found that women working in the graveyard hours are more prone to the hazards of breast cancer. This article focuses on justifying the above given news by connecting it with the research done.

The reasons of the risk were uncertain, but later in the study it was seen that the risk seems to be higher but cumulative among the 20% of women who work at night hours.  This is because the night shifts engross high exposure to light which enhances the production of melatonin night hormone that helps in obstructing the beginning of cancer.

Further adding to this, the exposure of light at night might initiate circadian disturbance, where the main cell’s clock of brain clashes from the local cellular clock in diverse body parts, distressing the breast. Also, the lack of sleep after a night shift works leads to immune inhibition which adversely effects on a woman’s body and boost up the growth of tumor or cancer cells.

In a report, researchers came to know that among 900, 210 women were suffering from breast cancer and out of which 40% were the night-shift workers. But the women who spend her time in working three times in a week at night were at higher risk of breast cancer.

Some other truth revealed with this news was that the breast cancer could be caused by the large amount of different hereditary and ecological influences in which stress can also be the major cause.  Stress amplifies the hazards of breast cancer and influences the body entirely and working all over at night schedules can fling off your circadian rhythm and may cause depression, stress and ultimately breast cancer. Not only this, a man working at night may even be at the warning border of prostate cancer.

Whether it men or women, the further study has yet to be revealed on the risk of the breast cancer for the nocturnal working women.