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Suffering from Hair Loss: Try these Remedies

Diets play a major role in hair loss, usually thinning of hair is known as alopecia and this is the most common symptom that usually middle men suffer from. It is absolutely normal to lose some hair every day, but if you notice thinning around the temples or at the center of the head then this situation needs to be looked into as it may be the symptom of the male pattern baldness. Let’s try to understand the reasons of hair loss and their remedies.

The hair loss pattern is divided in 3 stages i.e. the growth stage, the resting stage, and then the shedding stage. The locks which shed naturally in a day also re grow, but in some people due to genetics these locks do not grow, this is also known as genetic programming. The reason to hair loss maybe many, the foremost reason is the genetic pattern and then comes stress. Hair loss can also be caused due to certain illness which can also lead to baldness and thinning of hair.

Hair fall Remedies:

Hair oil is usually recommended to treat hair loss, there are various products available today that will treat hair loss, but only a few seem to work. Your scalp produces enough oil to keep your hair healthy, but if you wish to condition your hair further you can use oil once or twice a week and wash it after an hour with a nice protein rich shampoo and reap the benefits.

Eggs are the best remedy to avoid thinning of hair, mix eggs with olive oil and apply on your head and keep it for at least 30 minutes. Eggs actually strengthen your hair and make them stronger. It is always better to wash your hair after applying eggs with a nice scented shampoo and apply a live in conditioner to get rid of the odor. This leaves your hair shiny and healthy.

Try Generic Propecia as this medication helps re grow hair if use continuously, the effects of this can be seen in 3 to 6 months time.