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Synopsis on Working Moms

The working women are believed to maintain a healthy and happier life as per to the research conducted by the American Psychological Association…t he report briefly says that moms who are able maintain their jobs while their kids are put at infancy and pre schools seem to maintain a more happier life which also seem to have health benefits as compared to the moms who stay at home to take care of their kids.

The National Institute of Child health and Human Development report the Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development proves the differences between the part time working women, to full time and to women who do not work at all. As published in the article of APA’S journal of family psychology around 1500 mothers were interviewed after the delivery of their child and these mothers were interviewed for the next 10 years and the results proved that moms who did not work at all suffered from more depression as compared to mothers who did take up some part time jobs.

The interesting facts that are brought to notice is that the mothers who worked part time were more sensitive to their children’s needs like spending time with them and providing them with opportunities that are required to learn and grow. The full time moms could definitely not adhere to their child’s demands and needs.

The part time work is definitely more beneficial for the entire family as compared to the full time and no work at all… The full time workers definitely had more benefits as the employers did offer more perks to full time moms compared to the part timers.

The conclusion of the report proves that moms who did part time jobs were happier as compared to rest of the two categories as the part time work did help them take care of their children and they could also enjoy the benefits of work life and were sound financially.