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The Best Shaving Methods for Men

Shaving is the most important morning task in a man’s life. The wet shave gives a much better appeal than the dry shave but both these shaving methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Some men prefer the smooth feel whereas some men like the stubble, but in general opinion the clean shave is what attracts the opposite sex and is considered to be sexier than having the rugged look.

Wet shave is the traditional method of shaving which leaves the skin looking fresh and feels great. Since the evolution of new shaving techniques there has been the constant debate between the wet shave and dry shaving. The modern shavers employ a technique known as hysteresis. Let’s see how it works

The modern day electric shavers use this technique to give a cool new look to the user what happen here is that the electric shavers have at least more than 2 blades attached to them. The first blade pulls the hair while the next blade cuts giving you a clean look after all. The problem with this technique is the in growing hair might grow.

In wet shave, when you shave with warm water followed by the shaving foam, it open the pores thus removing the dirt deposited in them and when you apply cold water after the shave it closes the pores thus leaving the skin look younger and tighter giving you a youthful look.

The electric shavers are heavy and they do not reach the hard to reach parts such as neck and below the chin area. Though there are many advantages to dry shaving which include the blade change and fast shaving but they come with some disadvantages like hard to reach areas.

After trying both the methods of shaving, the traditional wet shave is the best which gives you a smooth shave and makes you feel and look younger.