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The Charm of Kamagra Fizz

Kamagra Fizz is the latest innovation in the medical sector which is designed to treat ED. Kamagra is a quality pill which is safe and secured and it treats ED in the simplest way. The effervescent pill dissolves quickly in water and once consumed it works the same way as kamagra, penegra and generic Viagra.

A man feels very frustrated and depressed when he suffers from erectile dysfunction and loses his self confidence. Many people in this world suffer from erectile dysfunction and it’s due to the lack of knowledge and self awareness they are never able to take care of erectile dysfunction. Kamagra is a perfect pill for men suffering from impotency. It dissolves quickly and reacts faster with the blood stream because of its soluble nature and is able to treat ED faster than any other pill.

Kamagra is available in the form of hard tabs, oral jelly and now fizz is the tasty and best way to treat ED. Manufactured especially for men who are pharmacophobic and have problems swallowing hard pills. Kamagra fizz contains Sildenafil Citrate which is the active chemical used to treat ED in men.

Kamagra fizz is available in 100mg strength. The Sildenafil citrate used in Kamagra fizz is a PDE5 inhibitor. PDE5 is an enzyme which is the main reason behind erectile dysfunction; it blocks the blood flow to the penile arteries thus leading to impotency. The reasons for this blockage are many. Sildenafil citrate which is present in kamagra fizz enhances the cGMP enzyme which relaxes the arteries thus encouraging more blood flow and the giving the user the desired hard on required to perform the sexual activity.

The effect of the fizz lasts for 4-6 hours which is a sufficient time to perform the sexual activity and it takes 20minutes to start its effect once it has been consumed, which is much faster than the other pills available in the market.