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The flavors that favor the ED sufferers

Almost all the individuals that include children as well as adults cringe and make a face at the thought of taking medications or drugs. This is because most drugs leave a bitter taste in the mouth which tends to linger even hours after the intake of the medication.

Impotency or erectile dysfunction has been the bane of many men and has resulted in unhappy couples, relationship problems, break-ups, divorces and other psychological, social and emotional problems due to unsatisfactory sexual life. The discovery of Sildenafil citrate has come as a blessing in disguise for the sufferers of impotency. Similar chemicals such as Vardenafil and Tadalafil have also helped in the treatment of impotency and enable men to rediscover the joys of sexual pleasures and prolonged lovemaking.

The chemicals Vardenafil, Tadalafil and Sildenafil are available in several generic forms such as Kamagra, Tadafil, Levitra, Suhagra and others. Unlike other drugs, these generic versions are available in several forms such as soft tabs, oral jellies, tablets, soft capsules and lozenges that facilitate easy intake and ingestion.

In addition, the biggest plus point of these generic drugs is that they do away with the bitter flavors that plague almost all the medications. Sildenafil is available in several mouth watering flavors such as orange, banana, strawberry, vanilla, black currant, mint, pineapple and butterscotch. Vardenafil and Tadalafil are predominantly available in the mint flavor.

Thus not only do impotent men have a reliable and result oriented medication to treat their condition; irrespective of the cause, but also get the added benefits of choosing the method of intake as well as the flavor. The men get dual respite from chemically ill-tasting drugs and from the task of swallowing water along with the medications.

Sildenafil tends to show results within an hour of intake and the penile erections can last for four to six hours; whereas Vardenafil takes thirty minutes to an hour with prolonged periods of penile stiffness and Tadalafil produces results within twenty to thirty minutes with lasting effects for twenty four to thirty six hours.

Working of the three chemicals Vardenafil, Tadalafil and Sildenafil

  • The action mechanism of all three chemicals, Vardenafil, Tadalafil and Sildenafil is the same with time differences in the production of effects.
  • The dissolution of the drug in the blood stream is followed by a simple action mechanism. The active components, Vardenafil, Tadalafil or Sildenafil increase the deposit of nitric oxide in the penile region which leads to the relaxation of the arteries and the veins in the male reproductive system.
  • The components also nullify the activities of an enzyme called PDE-5 which is responsible for diminished supply of blood to the penile area.
  • Simultaneously, Vardenafil, Tadalafil or Sildenafil also induce the increased production of another enzyme called cGMP which facilitates the increased flow of blood to the male reproductive organ.
  • Such increases in the blood flow to the penile region, results in increased stiffness of the male reproductive organ thereby facilitating prolonged penile stiffness and increased lovemaking activity.