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The More You Sit, the More You Risk

If you hated your job then here is one more reason to hate it, especially for the ones involved in a sedentary job. We all knew that a “sit-down” job had negative implications, but a latest research has indicated that its fangs go deeper that they appear. A sedentary lifestyle can hamper one’s mental health as well. The research was conducted at the British Psychological Society’s Annual Occupational Conference in Chester, England. If you sit more, you will have a higher body mass index (BMI) count and decreased cognitive powers.

The study was conducted on 1000 employees of different organizations who had a sedentary lifestyle and 70% of them failed to met the requisite guidelines set by the scientists. Another analogy was revealed in the study, which was that if you sit for long durations in office, you are more prone to sit out of office, hence increasing your likelihood of health issues, both mental and physical. Based on the research, people today spend on an average 6 hours daily seated at their workstations and 8 hours sleeping during the night and experts tell that is way too much sitting down. Experts also say that it may be due to the human tendency that people forget to stand up after prolonged sitting down.

The new research adds to developing scientific study suggesting which sitting may increase your dangers for a host of issues, including weight problems and diabetic issues; this is also true should you spend time beyond work relaxing in front of the TV or travelling. In one research, researchers discovered that individuals who save more than 2 hours per day with free time watching TV or near a PC face double the amount risk of cardiovascular disease.

So the next time you are at work, always remember to stand up at every opportune moment.