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The Noticeable Symptoms in Men Suffering from HIV/Aids

Are you involved in a high-risk conduct such as sharing needles throughout intravenous drug abuse? Or have you ever been involved in unprotected sexual activity? If so, then you may be exposed to HIV virus.

The early indications of being contaminated is shown in different way in men and that usually happened within 2 to 6 days after the infection of Aids known as the obtained immunodeficiency syndrome that damages a person’s immune system.

The below mentioned symptoms are very common in people suffering from HIV virus, the list of these symptoms is provided below.


Fever is among the most common earlier HIV signs and symptoms. It takes place in both men and women. This particular symptom usually appears right after infection. The fever can last for 2 to 4 days, and progressively dissipate such as other flues. The actual fever signs and symptoms are normally moderate in nature and increase the body’s temperature about 100 in order to 101 levels F.

Frequent Headaches:

Men infected with the Aids virus usually suffer from fever and also have frequent headaches. The severity of these headaches is just as normal as the regular one and its kind a difficult to identify the difference.

Swollen Glands:

An infected man is bound to be infectious and tends to suffer from inflammation; there is also some irritation in the lymph glands in your body. In such men a human gland is also spotted in the throat, armpit or even groin which may swell gradually. In general, this particular swelling or even inflammation won’t cause any type of pain or discomfort towards the gland.

Exhaustion or Fatigue:

The contaminated men can be found with remarkable change in their power or endurance. These men are always tired and they tend to suffer from tremendous amount of stress and always fatigued.

Allergy in the form of Rashes:

In early characteristic of HIV it may probably take place in the form of an over-all rash seems as areas of pores and skin that are progressively discolored using their company areas. The actual rash might show elevated and simply fade in 7 to 30 day period after the infection.