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The Olympians Secret Revealed

Most of you reading this may not be in the Olympics, but you can always train as harder as an Olympian and get in the best shape of your life. The athletes who are currently participating in London Olympics 2012 have been through grilling workouts which includes muscle strengthening, conditioning, mental training etc etc….These athletes would not be here if they did not get through these training sessions. It’s not only the determination alone but it’s also the mental training that helps these athletes achieve their targets.

The training drills of some of the athletes mentioned here will help you get through the hurdles in life. The innermost secrets of these athletes have been revealed and can make you stronger, lighter and faster and of course slimmer.

A few questions were asked to these athletes that reveal their drilling workout session and the motivation that drives them to it.

Micheal Phelps

He believes in weight training, cardio, pool workouts, rest and recovery. The pool exercises include the training gear like the kickboards, training paddles, snorkels and of course the training paddles.

Adding resistance to the weight training has helped Phelps develop not only lean muscles but has also helped in strengthening his muscles especially when he wishes to take that extra lap, the body weight training includes pull ups and pushups.

Rest and recovery are very important for an athlete like Michael which helps his body recover fully before training harder the next day

Training the brain by keeping it motivated at all times and self belief helps him achieve the impossible

Hope Solo is a well known name in the field of women’s soccer; the American goalkeeper won the golden glove award in 2011 Women’s World Cup organized by FIFA. It is not only difficult to the goal especially when she is defending the goal post. The hopes of the opposition go down the drain when solo is defending it…

Her workout includes rope jumps as starters as it keeps the body warm and helps to shape and strengthen the legs. The rest of the workout for her comes on the field.

Setting new targets and achieving and to achieve them there should be a reward in return, for her it’s the new home that she wishes to buy. It keeps the spirits high and helps the individual focus on their target.

Sticking to her workouts has helped her to stay away from the bad food which is important to stay in shape; the workouts also help to reduce the craving for junk foods.


The lady is going to participate in her third marathon. She is known for the 3000m, 5000m and 10000m run. This long distance runner has gained immense popularity and on this august 5th she will be participating in the 26.2 mile run in the London Olympics.

She has been training for some time and at this very moment she gets to veil off her secrets. He training schedule is definitely lot of running as well strengthening her muscles. When asked how she trains, the reply comes in as to get a partner who can keep an account of how much has been achieved and who is willing to go with that extra mile.

Keeping a treat after the race in mind helps her get going, not to mention that her post race treat includes a beer and a burger.


No one would believe that she actually had a plan to stay behind a desk and do the desk job for all her life when the triathlon USA called her. Accountant is what she wanted to be. The triathlon includes a 1.5km run followed by a 40k biking and a 10k run, this is one hell of a task especially for a woman who wanted to be an accountant but Gwen makes is look easy.

She is ready for the challenge her workout includes ladders which includes multiple inclines of 3%, 1%, 5% and then the whole set backwards.

As a triathlete one needs to concentrate on all three aspects of training, a long bike ride is included in her training but she takes it to pick a loaf of fresh bread and does not include it in training sessions.

Last but not the least this article will not be finished without mentioning the lightning BOLT:

He is one of the fastest homo sapien alive since the last 200,000 years. The 100m in 9.58secs and 200m in 19.19secs averages to a speed of 27.79mph. This Jamaican athlete is definitely treat to watch out for. Let’s take a look at his training regime…

Sprinting explodes the power and he likes to train in the winters, it helps him electrify his sprints.  The training also comprises of bunny hops, box jumps, bounding, cable knees strides stretching and hanging leg raises.

These workouts followed by bolt will not help you get in the Olympics, as it requires decades of training but it will definitely put you ahead of others in achieving your goals and help you stay fit and stronger.