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The Prevention and Treatment of HPV Infection in Women

Prevention of HPV Infection

Safer intercourse practices might help lower a lady’s likelihood of HPV infection. Using male contraceptives or feminine condoms can help to eliminate, but doesn’t necessarily prevent, getting or distribution of the human papilloma virus. The virus might be away from “field of defense,” for example the outer part of the vagina.

Staying away from intercourse is the definite method of avoiding vaginal warts.

Making love with only 1 partner, who’s disease-free, is easily the most useful way of staying away from STIs. To avoid distributing the virus with other parts of the body, fingers should be cleaned after coming in contact with the area in which the warts can be found. A dryer may be used to maintain the region dry. Lovemaking contact ought to be prevented till all HPV warts are cured after therapy. Scratching associated with warts ought to be prevented simply because they may cause hemorrhage and distribution.

Treatment of HPV Infection

Therapy for individual papilloma virus doesn’t always remedy the problem. The primary tactics of treatment are listed below: An antiviral cream, which may be placed on exterior vaginal HPV warts by the lady in the home. These types work best with small HPV warts. Surgical removal of warts having a scalpelloop electro-surgical excision process, or LEEP, that is a method that utilizes an electrical pulse to get rid of the actual warts. Cryotherapy, utilizes liquid nitrogen to freeze warts. Laser beam surgery utilizes laser beams in vaporiziing the HPV warts. Electrocautery, or burning up of the HPV warts. Chemical remedies of exterior warts, the chemical for example podophyllin can also be used a couple of times a week for six weeks or even until the HPV warts goes away, HPV generally return following this kind of therapy. Anti-viral therapy, which frequently involves shot of a natural reaction modifier for example interferon. This chemical substance is inserted straight into the wart to avoid herpes.