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The Rising Expenses due to Food Allergies

Food Allergy Awareness Week is time that you should have a look just how severe food allergic reactions in addition to their allusion are. A great illustration of this, in addition to a large eye-opener, is really a thing that shows us the amount of food allergic reactions tend to be costing every country each year.

A study released a year ago associated with Allergy and Medical Immunology implies that almost $500 million dollar money is being spent in the United States alone due to food allergic reactions as well as the allied problems, for example hospital visits, break from work, physical and medical treatments, etc.

Most startling scenario is the rate at which the food allergies are on the rise and the various reactions associated with it which are found in adults as well as in kids. The allergic reactions are rising 10% by every year and there has been a rapid growth since late nineties to the year2007.

Lets breakdown some facts and find out how much is being spent only in United States to fight food allergies.

  •  Total visits to doctors are 118 million.
  •  The emergency room occupancy comes to around 45 million.
  •  Leave from Office due to allergic reactions, or allergies suffered by loved ones cost about 115 to 200 million.

The overall analysis related only to food allergies cost about 300 million, but this is just the medical expenses, one needs to keep in mind the control in diet is not included in these expenses.

The Solution:

The society and individual can play an important part when it comes to resolving such allergic reactions which affect not only kids but even adults. There are various reactions such as hives, rashes, fever which take place due to allergies. People who suffer from anaphylaxis which is considered a more severe allergic reaction should raise awareness and make other aware of its triggers.

If the allergy is diagnosed earlier the treatment that can be offered over the period of time helps the individual identify the foods which allergy and can be easily avoided. In these cases it I always better to begin early as it helps you to stay ahead in the game.