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The science behind erectile dysfunction

The term erect state of the male reproductive organ in the case of man is mostly used to refer to an aroused state of the male reproductive organ. A man’s reproductive organ needs to be erect in an erect state order for him to take part in sexual activity and enter his partner’s female reproductive organ and to release this sperms. When a man has got problems of having or keeping an erect state of his male reproductive organ then he is said to be the one suffering from erectile failure/erectile dysfunction.

This very impotence in a man has been studied widely in the andrology department of medical field. There are researches which indicate that the science behind erect state of the organ and/ or failure of to get it in an hard and rigid form are the two main things that need to be studied. Researchers are also trying to uncover the main reason that has lead to this state from every angle that varies from psychological angle to physical angle.

So, the tow angles that are going through in-depth evaluation are:

  • The first one is the physiological one
  • The second one is the psychological one.

These two things are the key factors which control every man in his daily activities also. When one’s body spirit as well as mind is in the hale condition then his actions would be brisk throughout the day similarly only when a man is free of impotence he can be sexually active. Psychological department specialists have pointed out several links/connections between involvement of human behavior and their thought process.

The common physiological reasons for erectile dysfunction would be the problems with the brain and nerves. It is a lesser known fact that the diseases affecting one’s brain, spinal cord and nerves have the relative effects for that person’s erectile issues. Similarly when a person is affected with blood circulatory problems, addicted to alcohol/illegal drugs/smoking then also the failure of having an erect organ occurs. The hormonal problem which affects the pituitary gland as well as the testicles causes hypogonadism condition which is also another thing that causes various sexual dysfunctions with the main one being erectile failure.

The psychology of the person also plays a major role in such problems. The person might be facing a lot of pressure and stress driven conditions in his work place. This kind of exposure to stressful atmosphere triggers the wrong hormones and the result is that the person suffers from erectile failure. When one ponders still deep into the science behind erect male organs and erectile failure then the role of genes can be also taken into consideration. Yes, the genes of the person and his family history also pave ways for such issues. A man might be consequently facing financial crisis and prolonged exposure to stressful feelings then he must immediately face a psychiatrist to solve his emotional problems. These professionals are the right persons who can prescribe the required drugs /give the proper kind of advice to deal with his unhappy feeling towards himself that can later take the form of self loathing. Such treatment is itself more than enough to cure a man off his dire impotence condition.

Moreover if reports suggest that a man is not having enough of testosterones then the drugs to increase it can be taken. Instead of resolving to deal with the condition many try the wrong means like getting into illegal drug /alcohol addiction .One must be clear in mind that help is only few steps away provided he makes HIS own efforts to resolve his condition.