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The story of ED till GV came

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a condition wherein men are unable to maintain penile erection for successful penetration and intercourse.

ED is different from loss of libido due to stress of fatigue. It is also dissimilar to premature ejaculation as well as decreased sexual desire. When one is unable to attain or maintain penile stiffness for periods that is long enough for copulation, inspite of a beautiful, willing and able partner, then that person is said to be suffering from ED.

The degree of ED or impotency can vary. Some individuals may have never experienced a penile erection. Such irregularities can be corrected by medication or surgery.

In other cases, individuals may be able to achieve inconsistent penile stiffness. Such men may have had a healthy sexual life until they suddenly lose the ability to have erections. Other men may have erections which last only for sometime which is not long enough for copulation.

The causes of ED also vary. As people get older, they undergo several bodily changes and may contact medical illnesses. Therefore, there are many underlying causes of ED such as:

  • Psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety and mental ill health may lead to ED
  • As people age, many of them get afflicted by diabetes. This disease is one of the primary causes of ED.
  • Abnormal practices like alcoholism lead to damage of the nervous system and tend to break the connection between the brain and the genitalia. This also leads to ED.

Previously due to social norms and embarrassment, individuals did not report their sexual problems and generally suffered in silence. Those who wanted to resolve their sexual issues did not have much to depend on as effective treatment methods for ED. They just had prayers!

Methods such as vacuum pumps, penile implants, herbal remedies and other surgical procedures were offered as treatment for ED. But none of these methods were foolproof. In addition, they were painful and riddled with several side effects.

Individuals undergoing the above treatment methods had to wait months and sometimes years to correct ED, which was not guaranteed. There was no way to achieve instant sexual gratification.

At this juncture, there was an accidental discovery of the chemical Sildenafil citrate. The discovery soon led to the development of generic Viagra, which was an effective, easy, cheap, reliable and result oriented way to treat ED or impotency. With the consumption of generic Viagra or GV, the impotent men were able to achieve penile erections within an hour of drug intake and could indulge in sexual pleasures for prolonged periods of four to six hours.

No matter what the cause, GV could definitely cure ED.

The action mechanism of GV that transforms the male reproductive organ from limpness to prolonged stiffness is given below:

  • The dissolution of GV into the blood causes the inhibition of an enzyme called PDE-5 which is responsible for decreased blood flow to the penile region.
  • Simultaneous deposition of nitric oxide in the penile area and increased production of another enzyme called cGMP causes the relaxation of the penile blood vessels, facilitating increased blood flow to the male reproductive organ.
  • This enables impotent men to achieve and maintain prolonged penile erections for lovemaking activities.