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The Warning Signs of Male Menopause

When men begin to age few may perhaps undergo or observe changes in their body. The very first question which strikes a man’s mind is will he be able to perform well in the sexual act? Or will he still take pleasure in the sexual act ahead in his life? On the other hand there are ordinary warning signs of late-onset hypogonadism which is a low level of testosterone.

Well this situation in medical term is identified as Andropause which at times known as men-pause. This name is given to such particular condition and relates to the sluggish deduction of the construction of the hormones dehydroepiandrosterone and testosterone in men who are middle aged. The results of that lessening are linked with diminish in Leydig cells.

It is projected that around 74 percent men in the United States at some point of time fall prey for erectile dysfunction. This is the most renowned male menopause warning sign. If the indications begin to show up more than the nearly 40 percent of the men may require treatment to get cured from this disorder.

Listed below are the warning signs of male menopause:

Men in their twenties with an average of 4 times getting indulged in a sexual intercourse declines to about a week or so and those in their seventies indulging 2 times a month. Waning sexual drive makes men lose their interest in taking pleasure in sexual act and even run away more or less from having it fewer times with their partner. Nevertheless male menopause warning indication is that taking sexual pleasure becomes negligible for men.

Low Energy can take a huge toll on a man’s sexual life.  Here the man takes a long time with significantly a lot of effort in the similar physical act which he would enjoy before with his partner.

Body Composition

Men have a tendency to lose approximately 10 percent of his lean body mass after he turns 30 only if he is immobile. This shows the way to loss of muscle which is in general gets together with an increase in fat mass and later becoming obese. Obesity in actual fact shows the way to many dreadful health problems with a high rate of heart risk.