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The Why’s and How’s Related to Autism

Autism is a complex disorder noticed in children and almost 1% of the American children suffer from this syndrome. This article of autism is well ahead of its time to contribute to the Autism Awareness Month which is acknowledged in April…

What is Autism and it’s Features:

Autism spectrum disorder which is actually affects communication and the social abilities of a child. This disorder can be severe or mild depending on its complexity, there are some features mentioned below which relate to autism

  • Troubles with non verbal and verbal communication.
  • The repetitive behavior with limited interests and problems with numbers and dates.
  • Horrible social interactions.

Actually intelligence has nothing to do with autism or vice versa as the cognitive ability of child tremendously various from one to another. Autistic children have lesser than average IQ and but it differs and the ratio is 75% to 25% where 75% have lesser than average IQ and the rest 25% have average to higher than average intelligence.

Autism Causes:

Many scientists believe that there are various genetic elements as to who will develop this disorder, but as per the reports since the number has increased rapidly the factor or elements are being reconsidered and relooked into. Scientists also say that factors like metabolic, environmental and immunologic definitely play a part. Since even vaccinations were also highlighted by the media, but it never cured autism, so there is no definite solution to find the cause.

Treatments for Autism:

Earlier children with autism were admitted to institutions, but this not the case these days as the children can be treated with care and love at their home. Controlling a few behavioral characteristics can be used to treat autism. Psychotropic drugs manage the emotional problems when consumed with other medications and they also help to control seizures.