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The zeal of life with Zenegra

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a physical disability associated with men. This physical condition is widely known as impotence which is a prominent threat to the male society. This medical condition is influential at the penile region of the male body particularly the penis. ED disables an affected man from indulging in sexual intercourse with his partner which may lead to various psychological as well as social consequences. In extreme cases wherein the female is facing constant dissatisfaction on bed and is annoyed with her sexual life, she may plan divorce or try to find her satiation in other man because the enthusiasm is not shared anymore. However, medicines such as Zenegra can bring back the zeal of life.

Since Viagra is branded, it is unaffordable for most men. Zenegra on the other hand is the generic version which is available at cheaper rates and provides similar effects. The efficaciousness of both the versions of Viagra can be compared as the ingredients used in both medicines are similar. For example, Sildenafil citrate which is the active ingredient in branded Viagra is also the chief ingredient of Zenegra. Moreover, in order to make this medicine equal in effect to its patented counterpart, the synthesis of the chemical is also the same.

Even the action mechanism of Zenegra is as efficacious as Viagra. The medicine starts its functioning at the penile region after dissolving in the body. The medicine counteracts the activities of phosphodiesterase- 5 which is an enzyme that causes hindrance to blood flow. Phosphodiesterase- 5 is also referred to as PDE-5. Interference caused to PDE5 activities also leads to production of cGMP which in turn diverts improved blood flow towards penile region and into the corpora cavernosum, which are the two chambers within the male reproductive organ. This gradually leads to engorgement which we call as erection.

Zenegra is a highly efficacious drug introduced by the medical industry as a treatment for impotence. This drug is available in different dosages strengths, 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. While the dosage requirement of every individual would be dissimilar according to his physical condition, the recommended daily dosage is 100mg. One should not increase this dosage or it may cause side effects or adverse health issues. This medicine should be taken only once in a day, and preferably 40 minutes prior to the session of intercourse, for optimum results. Zenegra, like other generic Viagra medicines, is best soluble in water; hence taking it with water would help significantly.

Since there is no confirmation on effects of Zenegra on women and children it is essential to keep it away from their reach. If women desires to take this medicine, remember there are other drugs devised specially for women. It is tested that Zenegra may have some reactions if come in combination with nitrate; therefore, it is better to avoid using nitrate in any form if you are taking Zenegra. If you are a heart patient then it is essential to speak to your doctor and determine whether it would be suitable for you to take the medicine. However, there are numerous men who are taking Zenegra with instructions of their doctor and enjoying their sexual life. With appropriate use of Zenegra, you can also bring back the zeal in your love life.