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There Is No Other Better Alternative Than Sildenafil

Nearly 76 percent of the men in the United States are reported to suffer from male impotence and there are few possible health condition too which get in the way of having a satisfied sexual relationship with ones partner.

Erectile dysfunction is the other name used for male impotence. In the ancient times men would feel dejected as there were no such medicines readily available for the treatment of penile failure. But with the emergence of Generic versions medicines men could have a huge sigh of relief for a lifetime as these products have done well in fixing up the problem in a span of short time.

Sildenafil is the generic version of the brand name Viagra that has come a long way in curing all erectile failure issues in men on a long term basis. It contains an active ingredient called as Sildenafil citrate which has proved to be one of the best products to live in everyone’s expectation. This same solution is present in all the generic Viagra medicines. When the chemical composition Sildenafil citrate enters in the body it gets mixed with the bloodstream of the men and gives them perfect penile erection. This penile erection can be maintained for a long term as well.

The enzyme PDE5 obstructs the flow of blood in men and as a result makes men difficult to put up with a strong erection. This makes men unable and as a result they feel let down in front of their partner. The maximum time duration where a man is expected to have a satisfied sexual intercourse is for four or five hours and even more than that.

There are many health factors which too are held responsible for the dreadful impact on one’s life. The possible side effects of this product are heart stroke or attack, nausea and vomiting, lack of sensation, facial flushing, constipation, blurred vision, and headache and so on. You do not have to worry about the adverse effects as they last for a short time only.

This product is approved by the food and drug administration and comes in a 100 mg pack. These are very easy on the pocket and makes shopping an affordable option.

The problem of male impotence or erectile dysfunction seems to put an adverse effect on the health of men. As men are not able to perform well in the sexual act, he might perhaps get aggravated and this is where he tends to lose his mental stability. This, on the other hand, has its effect on his health. a healthy sexual life too is considered as the one secret of a successful marriage relationship.